Madmen had a history long back in 2015 with 7 seasons and 92 episodes and a lot more fans. Now, the question is ‘will there be another season of Madmen?’.
Nearly after 5 years of Madmen, fans are still searching here and there and asking for season 08. They really are desperate to watch another season.

So, we are here to answer all your questions. Everything you need to know is right here. Check it out.

What is Madmen’s story about?

‘Madmen’ all about Don Draper who is Creative Director at Sterling Cooper. It deals with the situations and changes in his personal and professional life in the 1960s. How he managed to clear his problems, his struggles and bring it back to normal is what we watch on the screen. All 7 seasons show different aspects.

People gave positive reviews and liked the series a lot and now they want another season.

Will There Be Another Season?

Well, when AMC released season 07, the creator Matthew Weiner explained that he concluded the show with the 7th season. He gave a clear and perfect end to the series and all the lives of characters in it. I also thanked everyone who gave him the chance and time to create such an amazing show. When asked about season 08, he explained there are no signs left to make another season.

So, season 07 is the end of the show and we are not getting another season. There are no season 08 guys, it was official.

Know the Cast details of Madmen here:

We gathered the details of some of the cast members, have a look:

  • Don Draper by Jon Hamm
  • Peggy Olson by Elisabeth Moss
  • Pete Campbell by Vincent Kartheiser
  • Betty Francis by January Jones
  • Joan Harris by Christina Hendricks
  • Roger Sterling by John Slattery
  • Kenneth  Cosgrove by Aaron Staton
  • Harold Crane by Rich Sommer
  • Paul Kinsey by Michael Gladis

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