Could you fall in love with someone without even knowing what they look like? This Netflix Original answers the question in the form of a reality entertainment show. Here is what you should know about Netflix’s latest hit reality show, ‘Love is Blind’.

The stakes are real and so are the people in this reality show. Many Netflix viewers have become fans of the show and its unique concept. The show calls itself a social experiment and features an even playing ground for both the sexes. Falling for someone’s personality and not just their appearance is the audience pitch this show puts out.

What is ‘Love is Blind’ About?

The contestants in this reality show go on dates in a single-person pod and can only see each other when they are engaged. After they are engaged, the couple is taken to a beautiful trip to Mexico, before they can get married.

The first season was filmed in Atlanta and has beautifully twisted the weird concept of a shotgun wedding into a love marriage. It takes the phrase quite literally where the people in love do not see each other until they are bound to each other. The contestants of the show have an extremely short time period of 38 days to get to know each other and get engaged.

Who Starred in Love Is Blind Season 2?

Nick and Vannesa Lachey are the hosts of this show about love and matrimony. The first season starred the following people:

  • Kenny Barnes
  • Matthew Barnett
  • Jessica Batten
  • Kelly Chase
  • Mark Cuevas
  • Giannina Milady Gibelli
  • Cameron Hamilton
  • Amber Pike
  • Damian Powers
  • Lauren Speed

According to Cosmopolitan, the casting of the second season was initiated in Chicago in March of 2020. Applications have been flooding in from all over the country for casting calls as the creators look to start production post-lockdown.

When is Love is Blind Season 2 Releasing?

The show’s dramatic success led Netflix to renew it for another two seasons. The creators have also stated that they would want to break the heterosexual barrier and cast people with different sexualities as well.

The quarantine has halted the production of many TV Shows and it is hard to expect any new seasons to come along soon for your favorite series. The short production time leaves us to expect that the show can be released sometime in Late 2020. There is no news as of yet that the show has finished casting, but there are confirmations that the creators are getting work done to quickly push the show into production once things are back to normal.

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