John Green’s debut novel Looking for Alaska that came out on March 2, 2005. It was a beautifully written Young Adult novel that garnered, quite a lot of praise, given Green’s picturesque way of writing.

Even more so, the protagonists that were portrayed in the book were so vividly layered that the characters turned out to be more complex and beautiful than most would understand. While John has been notoriously probably for his exquisite writing, Looking for Alaska was the perfect amount of hopelessness, love and friendship boxed into one.

The book has been so popular among readers that it was also recently adapted into a miniseries and aired on Hulu.

Starring Kristine Frosetha and Charlie Plummer in the lead roles of Alaska and Charlie Plummer as Miles, the show started airing on October 18, 2019. The first season has also managed to get good reviews. So, with one good season already out, is the show coming back for more? Read on to find out.

When Is the Season 2 Coming Back?

Yes, as per reports, season 2 is reportedly coming back.

Through there is no official news about the release date, it will most probably be out by 2022.

Though, that is a long time but given, the current situation regarding the pandemic, it is hard to guess anything otherwise.

Will Charlie Plummer aka “Miles” return for Season 2?

Rejoice! Charlie Plummer will most definitely he returning to the second season.

As per reports, he will be continuing his journey amid the tragedy that struck.

That’s all the information for now. For more information, stay updated with FoxBusinessInfo.

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