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Based on the storyline of Keeso’s popular internet series “Letterkenny Issues”, the Canadian sitcom Letterkenny has made an enormous fan-base with its own 8 exclusive seasons. Naturally, that leads you to think when you might be able to see another season of the favorite Hulu complete humor series in any respect.

People who don’t expect the upcoming continuation of a popular series with a healthy dose of patience wind up just being a poopy-pants relating to it.

When Is Letterkenny Season 9 Going Into Production?

As has been the case with most continuing TV shows and upcoming movies in 2020, your guess is as good as ours seeing if the cameras will roll on the new season as production continues to endure a Covid-19 related pause. To add fuel to the fire, back in March, the Letterkenny team canceled the remainder of its North American tour of live shows until further notice for the same reason. Hulu along with the rest supporting the show has remained relatively silent regarding the issue, and we indicate you’ll only need to let that you marinate until confirmation of Season 9 back in creation is announced.

Expected Plot of Letterkenny Season 9

The plot of the sitcom revolves around the inhabitants of Letterkenny who belonged to three different classes. They include Skids, Hockey, and Hicks players. The story of Letterkenny mostly highlights the clashes and conflicts amid the types. Hence we can presume that the forthcoming installment will hold on to the same root. Moreover, the third series begins just where the 8th season concluded. When we come across any further information regarding its storyline, we will alert you instantly.

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