Undoubtedly one of the most popular action movie franchises ever, John Wick has been an inspiration. With well over a billion dollars at the box office, this Keanu Reaves starrer is a sensation. Three movies of this installment have released which has been huge hits for the franchise. Keanu has been the star attraction of the movie with his stealing moves. Initially, the title of the movie was supposed to be something else. But it was only because Reaves pronounced it wrong that the movie name got changed. Following are some details which might be very important in relation to the film.

John Wick: Cause Behind the Change in the Name of the Movie

It was preliminarily decided that the movie will be named Scorn. Directors of the film in a recent interview stated that Keanu continuously kept pronouncing the name wrong. Thus the title of the movie changed. He kept calling it by the name John Wick. Thus the directors decided to forgo that particular name. Now the makers cannot even relate to the name that was previously decided by the franchise. This goes on to show the kind of influence that Reaves has had on the making of the movie.

John Wick: Change in Content

Initially, it was decided that the dog which formed such a pivotal part of the script would be scrapped. But the directors insisted to keep it in order to add a different angle to the story. This dog brought a keen humanitarian and emotional aspect of John Wick. A sometimes funny and humorous experience was also created by keeping the dog in the script. Initially, it was decided that the story would revolve around a retired assassin who is called for one last duty. The dog was perfect foliage for his no-nonsense and brutal character arc. It lent a very specific flavor to the entire script making it such an enjoyable edge of the seat thriller.

John Wick: New Movie Release Date

Part 3 of the franchise was named Parabellum. This name was also decided by one of the prime inclusions of the entire set up. However, the title of the fourth movie is still uncalled for. It was supposed to release on May 21, 2021. But since then it has been postponed a year later to May 27, 2022.

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