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Dragon Musume is a Japanese mega-series. The series is super hit among the viewers. The audience is waiting for season 2 to be originated from the creators. As of this moment, not many details are available about season 2 except the fact that the series was renewed for season 2.

If media sources must be considered, it is said that the series has delayed because the original writer of the series was experiencing mental health issues. His inability to operate affected the production badly. The substance to make the series not offered. Following the recent upgrade, the writer is back today. There is sufficient material to produce the sequence.

A bit of a spoiler was shared in that it was mentioned that the upcoming episodes could reveal monster women fighting each other and all of them want to marry the Japanese pupil. Until now, no official trailer nor trailer was released till now.

Summary of Dragon Musume Season 2 —

Written And Illustrated By — Okayado
Published — Tokuma Shoten (Japan) and Seven Seas Entertainment (United States)
Premiered — Season 1 released at September 2015
Short Story — Revolves around a Japanese student whose existence becomes unclear. The pupil unintentionally becomes involved with the”Interspecies Cultural Exchange” program. The story is a version of normal human beings with mythical creatures. These creatures are known as liminal, and they are protected from the”Interspecies Cultural Exchange act.” They became a part of the society where human lives. The student gives refuge to the liminal, and the narrative shows how he struggles to live with his new roommates. Each of the liminal is of different species.

Main Characters and Of Monster Musume —

Kurusu Kimihito Created by Junji Majima
Miia voiced by Sora Amamiya
Papi voiced by Ari Ozawa
Centorea voiced by Natsuki Aikawa
Suu voiced by Mayuka Nomura
Mero voiced by Haruka Yamazaki
Rachnera voiced by Sakura Nakamura
Lala voiced by Ai Kakuma
Ms. Smith voiced by Yu Kobayashi
Manako voiced by Momo Asakura
Zombina voiced by Rei Mochizuki
Tunisia voiced by Yurika Kubo
Doppel voiced by Saori Onishi

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