A video of Jake Paul’s looting at Arizona Mall became viral. Along with other members at the mall, the footage captured Jake Paul looting. But after the video goes viral, Jake Paul started to defend himself. He said that he was not looting in the mall. Jake Paul and his team members were protesting against the death of George Floyd. The protest was against the police officer, who killed Geroge Floyd very brutally. For three consecutive days, people protested. On the third day, they set the fire to the 3rd precinct of the police station in Minneapolis.

How did Jake Paul defend himself?

After the event, Jake started defending himself. Additionally, Jake said that one of the police officers started spreading gas. Due to this gas, he has hurt his eyes and starting bleeding. Also, he shared a picture of his bleeding eye. The police officers went aggressive against people, who were protesting against the death of George Floyd. However, many videos of Jake have gone viral. One of the fans of Jake posted a video in which the protesting people were trying to set the fireworks off. On the other hand, another video witnessed looting. People were breaking the stores and looting things.

Additionally, a photographer of Jake was also present in the mall during looting. He captured all the scenarios. But, he also began defending Jake. He said that none of the protesters were looting in the mall. The video of Jake Paul’s looting became trending everywhere. However, his fans were very disappointed after watching the video. Also, they tweeted many comments on the video.

Who is Jake Paul?

Jake Joseph Paul is a notable and famous YouTuber in the United States. He is also a musician and actor. Jake was born on January 17, 1997, in Cleveland, OH. His music video, named, It’s Everyday Bro, released in the year 2017. But, fans did not give a positive reply. Later, he worked as Drik Mann for the series, named, Bizaardvark. Jake also worked in three Hollywood films, named, Dance Camp, Mono, and Airplane Mode.

An application, named, Vine, made Jake more popular. In just five months, he earned one million followers. Later, the number of followers increased rapidly. He used to share his videos through this application. After that Paul started to share videos on YouTube. But, did not gain much popularity. Jake also served as a wrestler.

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