Ivanka pays a surprise visit to Pitbull’s charter school in Miami although he has a history of criticizing president

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Ivanka Trump visits Pitbull on Tuesday in his charter school in Miami. He runs the school and is considered as one of the incredible music schools in Miami. Although Pitbull has a history of criticizing the president publicly. Earlier, Pitbull called Donald Trump a joke.  Ivanka Trump is the eldest daughter of one of the senior White House advisers. On Tuesday, she stopped by SLAM during the afternoon. Pitbull opened the music school in Little Havana last year. Many student groups accompanied Ivanka on her trip.

Later on, she posted on her Twitter handle that she met some incredible and talented students in SLAM. Ivanka also mentioned that ‘SLAM (and @pitbull) gave the students the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. She is happy that Pitbull is looking forward to changing the world and want new singers in the industry.

What else did Ivanka Trump see in SLAM?

After her visit to the music school, Ivanka meets the first group of students. All of them were the part of Tech Team. It is a program where the students cooperate and help each other with technical support. Apart from that, Ivanka also met the nationally recognized dance team, Sirens. The entire team performed their daily hip-hop routine in front of her and Sanders.

All the students impressed Ivanka and she said that she loved all the students and they are incredibly talented. Armando Christian Perez aka Pitbull registered to vote in Miami-Dade County. He would be voting as the no-party affiliate as per the County records. According to one of the reports, he received a mail ballot last week; however, he still did not return it.

In addition, Pitbull did not mention Ivanka’s visit to SLAM in the vital swing state of Florida. Pitbull has still not publicly endorse either Biden or Trump for 2020. Being one of the most popular ‘The Worldwide Rapper’, he has always criticized Donald Trump in public. Before the voting took place in2016, he clearly mentioned to the reporters that he would not vote for Trump.

He even added that he is a complete ‘joke’. The comments that Pitbull made came after one of the reports in Vanity Fair Magazine. Back in 2016, before the election, she clearly said that the Trump campaign is a joke. He even added that he is not at all supporting Donald Trump in any way. In the same year, during October, in an appearance with Bill Maher, Pitbull criticized Trump and blasted for making lewd comments.

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