The path to becoming a spy is a tough and gruesome one. The act of murder becomes second instinct and secrecy is the first. Spies have the burden of keeping national secrets and the task of uncovering secrets from other nations without being caught or killed. So what would you do and how would you fare in the shoes of a spy? Some argue it’s harder to actually be the spy-killer and that betrayal can come quickly and unexpectedly. Whatever your choice, just acknowledge the pains of being lonesome in the world as you threaten the safety and security of everyone around you.

Homeland is an American spy thriller that revolves around Carrie Mathison, a Central Intelligence Officer whose unauthorized operations land her in Virginia’s Central Intelligence Agency’s Counter-Terrorism Unit in Langley. Her acts in Iraq as the Central Intelligence Agency’s Operations Officer go awry and sets in motion a chain of events that put her at the center of a major conspiracy. A United States Marine Sergeant returns back home after being presumed to be missing in action since 2003 and is the Nation’s newest hero. Carrie Mathison thinks otherwise and suspects Sergeant Nicholas Brody to be conspiring to plot a terrorist attack on United States soil.

Homeland Cast Details? Who’s Starring In It?

The cast of Homeland has been delightful and have helped us immerse in their world quite easily. The traumatized lives of the people in the inner circle are full of danger and mystery. The lead Carrie Mathison played by Claire Danes has led us along her journey towards uncovering the truth. Nicholas Brody played by Damian Lewis keeps the suspense and mystery alive and the action keeps the story moving along at a strong pace. Mandy Patinkin plays the role of Saul Berenson and is absolutely phenomenal as Carrie’s mentor.

Is There A Homeland Season 9 Coming?

Homeland has unfortunately ended and Season 8 is the conclusion to its epic tale. Creators Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon have been instrumental to the show’s phenomenal success and they have very cleverly devised a way for the show to come full circle. The audience claim that the ending has been poetic in the way it has put the lead Carrie Mathison in Nicholas Brody’s shoes. Carrie Mathison is now in the spotlight after her release from the horrid Russian prison as we uncover the truth of whether she revealed National Secrets or not. She was deprived of her Bipolar medication and suspects her own tongue revealing secrets that she did not realize.

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