This Dutch thriller is a nail-biting series. Not only is it suspenseful but equally creative enough to draw you in.

The central plot revolves around a life-threatening sunray that is destroying all objects. In such a situation, a plane full of passengers travels at night to save themselves from the wrath of the scorching and deadly rays.

The plot is unique. The first season was successful with critics and audiences applauding the storyline and the performances by the actors. But even after a successful season and the looming threat of COVID-19, will show be back with a second season? Read on to find out.

Into The Night Season 2 Release Date

This show, is coming back.

However, there is no official date about when the next season will grace screens.
The show is to return back, summer of 2022.

Into the Night Expected Plot

At the end of the first season, some of the passengers reach the NATO bunker that could potentially save their lives.

The new season will hopefully continue with their time at the survival center.

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