India and USA Sign BECA Agreement

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Recently, India and the USA signed the much-awaited BECA agreement. It is known as the foundational agreement of the USA government. Whenever the USA considered a country as a defense partner, then the USA government signed four important foundational agreements. These four agreements are GSOMIA, COMCASA, LEMOA, and BECA. Among them, India signed the General Security of Military Information Agreement with the USA in 2002. Due to this agreement, they


Yesterday, India’s Defense Minister S. Jaishankar and External Minister Rajnath Singh attended a 2+2 Meeting in New Delhi with the USA Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and Defence Secretary Mark Esper. Both the Minister came to India and attended the meeting. During this session, India signs BECA, which is the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement – a pact, which increases the military cooperation between both countries.


BECA shares data on maps and satellite images. In simple words, it works as a navigation system for the Indian Military power. In case, the Indian army or Air force wants to launch a missile at an enemy country, they should know about the topography of the area. Now, after the BECA agreement, India can access American’s hi-technology navigation system to know the exact location of the topography. Experts say it will strengthen the Indian Air force.


After signing the agreement, the Indian armed force can use advanced geospatial intelligence, which is also known as the navigation system of the USA. Due to this, they can enhance the accuracy of the automated system. It is a crucial geospatial sharing agreement for both countries. India signs the agreement when the relationship between India and China is not up to the mark. Both countries strengthen their military power and armed forces.


Previously, India and the USA signed COMCASA in 2018 and LEMOA in the 2016 agreement during the 2+2 meeting between India and the USA. LEMOA or Logistic Exchange Memorandum of Agreement was signed during the tenure of Barack Obama in August 2016. Due to this agreement, the Indian and American armed forces can access each other military base including ports and air bases.


Now, what is COMCASA? This pact signed in September 2018. The full form of COMCASA is The Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement. With this agreement, both countries strengthen their communication channel and they can communicate through a secure network. These agreements strengthen the bond between the USA and India. It will also increase the overall power of India. In addition, it will send a great message to the rival country of India.

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