‘I know this much is true’ is 2020 miniseries starring Mark Ruffalo in two roles as twins. The series started on 10 May 2020 and as the name suggests it is a tragic story. People just got involved in the story and eagerly waiting for its continuation.
So, to keep you calm for a moment, we brought everything you ought to know about the upcoming episodes.

‘I Know This Much Is True’ Upcoming Episode and Its Story:

The story is based on a novel by the same name which was written by Wally Lamb and released in 1998. It follows twin brothers Dominick and Thomas Birdsey.

In the previous episode, we saw Dominick hardly recovered from an accident and suffers a lot. At the end of episode 04, we saw Nedra, who appeared in the first episode and disappeared when things went tough. So, in episode 05 we can expect her side of the story.
Dominick finds about his past his mother’s story and about his real father. Once Nedra explains how she felt while translating the story which was written in Italian by her grandfather.

Dominick will surely discover something in this episode that will bother him.

As the series is set to 6 episodes, we can expect answers for every question in our mind. So, let’s wait for its release.

Episode 5 Release date:

All the release dates of episodes were given. Episode 5 will be released on June 7, 2020, and episode 6 on June 14. So, guys mark the date to know what happens to Dominick and Thomas.

Where can we watch the series?

The series is available on Hotstar for premium members or you can watch it on HBO website.

Can we expect season 02? 

Well, this is something we didn’t have confirmation. We have to wait for the final episode to at least predict the future. So, for now, let’s keep it as a question.

But we will let you know if we got any answers officially. Stay tuned!!

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