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The main purpose in Borderlands 3’s Psycho Krieg DLC is to allow gamers to reach Vaulthalla the Psychoreaver safeguards that. Of course, gamers will first need to hit Vaulthalla in the end of the DLC in Sanity’s Sanctum of their Psychoscope. This is part of the Locus of Rage questline.

The 2 sides of Psycho Krieg, sane and insane, stand facing each other in front of the portal into Valhalla’s entrance. After entering the portal, the player can walk deeper into Vaulthalla to a smaller secondary portal. Before entering, the manager, Psychoreaver, could be observed, screaming belligerently. This secondary portal site will take the player into the Lesionhall, the very final stadium.

How To Fight Psychoreaver, The Final Boss In Borderlands 3’S Psycho Krieg DLC

Once the participant has reached the Lesionhall, Sane Krieg will whine about something burning in his mind. Tennis will inform the participant that something in the region is pressing Krieg’s head, what she has been on the lookout for this whole time. Sane Krieg tells you this unintelligible voice and feel will be the all-consuming rage. Psychoreaver blocks Krieg from joining the participant in the fight with a protecting bubble,” protecting” Krieg. Krieg will allow the player to know that he will participate in the struggle when he can. Shortly afterwards, the participant can proceed to resist the Psychoreaver. The map which has the Psychoreaver is inside is a flat area with many different pillars and a greater level the player can jump down from to commence the fight. This large psycho wields a crate onto a large chain for a type of makeshift flail.

The Psychoreaver can leap into the air and receive a spear through lightning strikes. Players should take advantage of the random pillars throughout the stadium to avoid his attacks and move as rapidly as possible. However, the posts shouldn’t be entirely relied upon since they will crumble and collapse after being attacked by the Psychoreaver. Each round, there’ll also be a couple of psychos that will emerge and strike the player outside of only the Psychoreaver. This implies there are three different places that the players need to be on the lookout for attacks. They will need to play smartly and evasively to prevent being hit as far as possible and keep good places available to allow them to hide and dodge attacks. After this, players will have to take their time to get through the fight. Once that the Psychoreaver has reached half health, the Kriegs will arrive to assist during the fight.

Now, the Psychoreaver will become even larger. Instead of having routine, floor-bound psychos, there will be psychos riding torpedos. The Psychoreaver’s flail is also now flaming. But he’s not physically on the map so that the player can prevent the flail’s end. Getting closer-up can help the player avoid being struck as frequently by the flaming end of the flail. The Krieg’s may hold the Psychoreaver for a short part when he’s close to a fourth of his health. When the player has defeated the Psychoreaver, they will need to loot the distance quickly as it was entirely hinged around that personality.

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