Recon Expert is the rarest skin the battle royal game Fornite. It is one of the most sought-ofter skin in the game.

Price Of The Skin

The cost of the Recon Expert skin is 1200 v- bucks. v bucks is the currency of Fornite. 1200 v- bucks is equivalent to about 12 USD or around 911 INR.

About The Skin

Recon Expert is a a very old skin in Fornite. It was released when the game was launched in 2017. But after a few days, it was removed from the item store. Since then it generated a lot of buzz around the Fornite community. As only a small number of players had the skin and these were the players who started playing the game right when it was released, it became a rare skin.

One of the reasons why it became so famous at that time was because there weren’t many other good skins.

There is nothing too visually special about this skin. Recon Expert is a military woman wearing a hat. It is a very basic skin, but it gained the legendary status in the Fortnite community because it was never sold again for years whereas every other skin was eventually up for sale in rotation. Only “OGs” had the skin.

Fortnite usually puts up new skins in its item store at night. But this time, it was changed early in the morning which made gamers wonder if it was really the Recon Expert being sold. Although, the skin was taken off 2 mins after it was released. But later, it appeared back on the store and will be refreshed soon.

About Fortnite

Fornite is an online battle royale game which was released in the year 2017. There are three game modes available, one is a battle royale, one is a zombie fighting mode and the the other one is like a creative mode where players can create battlegrounds and arenas. It is one of the top games available right now the game being free to play is one of the reasons it has gained such massive popularity. It is available on various platforms but requires high graphics and processing systems to play smoothly.

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