How is the heart getting affected by coronavirus?

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Coronavirus affecting the heart

COVID-19 is a very dangerous or deadly virus that poses deadly threats to the human body. Mostly the coronavirus is known for attacking the respiratory and making people weak. But a recent study shows that coronavirus can also infect the heart. The virus can cause damage to the heart and cause various heart problems. The virus is slowly changing and affecting different parts of the body. In many patients, the virus has harmed lung functions. When the lungs do not function well, adequate oxygen may deprive the heart. 


It can cause very extreme inflammation and other reactions. The body starts to fight the infection and taxes the heart in the process. The virus can also infect the blood vessels. Causing inflammation within the blood vessels is causing blood clots in many patients. Having heart clots increases the chance of heart attacks. According to reports, many patients have blood clots all over their bodies. Many doctors have tried blood thinners, but the results were not much success. Dr. Sean Pinney from the University of Chicago has stated some information about it. He said people who are diagnosed with heart disease have a higher chance of damage to the heart. 


However, people who do not have heart disease can still develop heart problems. According to the report of the American College of Cardiology, 25% of corona patients have heart problems. In some specific regions, the rate of heart problems is higher than 30%. It is still unknown that the damage is permanent or temporary. In many patients, doctors are having a hard time knowing if they had heart problems before getting infected. Most of them have not gone through heart imaging before. Many doctors and researchers have started their research on the characteristic changes of the virus. 


The coronavirus can harm in many different ways that are still unknown to humans. With time, the virus is changing and it will take a completely new form in winter. Apart from respiratory, the virus will start attacking different places. While the virus has started to damage different organs like the heart, lungs, and others. Scientists and researchers think that the coronavirus will affect many other body parts. It is still unclear for the doctors and others if the virus can damage a normal heart. Stopping the functions of a normal heart can cause many different problems in body functions. 

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