He is a popular YouTuber and also a contestant from BigBoss 13. He’s handling 1.9M followers on Instagram, who truly supported his every step.
He recently deleted his TikTok account which made many fans wonder. Some concluded that he deleted it because of ‘CarryMinati’ which is actually not. Hindustani Bhau clarified it on a recent interview. The actual reason behind deleting TikTok is ‘its a disease’ according to him and he wanted to get rid of it. So killed it by deleting the account.
His followers accepted it and supported him for what he did.


Hindustani Bhau posted on Instagram about it:

Yesterday, he posted on Instagram explaining his idea of complaining against Bollywood celebrities and he said their names will be announced tomorrow that means today.
And today he did that as he said, he filed FIR against Ekta Kapoor and her mother Sobha Kapoor. Hindustani Bhau released a video of him in front of Khar Police Station, Mumbai.

He explained why he accused Ekta Kapoor and her mother, in the video:

He’s totally disappointed and gone mad at a scene in web series(XXX season 2) which showed a very disgusting content.
Wife of an Army officer haves an affair with her boyfriend. And when the officer left for war, she meets her lover and intimates with him. This is the most worst thing and for god sake, we also got another nastiest situation which rushes our adrenaline that is, the wife makes her lover wear army uniform of her husband during their intimate moments.

That scene will definitely break the heart of every Indian. And Hindustani Bhau couldn’t able to keep calm after watching it. So, he decided to fight against it and filed an FIR on Ekta and Shoba Kapoor.

Hindustani Bhau asked Ekta and Shoba Kapoor to apologize Indian Army:

Not only Hindustani Bhau, his followers and people who’re aware of this thing asking Ekta and Shoba Kapoor to pay their mistake by apologizing every Indian Army officer. Let’s see what happens next!!
Everyone supported and appreciated Hindustani Bhau for what he did.

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