Let’s go back in time a bit. Let’s travel back to a time when TV’s were fat and heavy and the term Gamer was just a joke to many. For most of the people alive in that era, gaming was a new experience and it was hard to understand the patterns and figure out the hand-eye co-ordination quickly enough to win these games. There was no concept of a Personal Computer back in the day and if you had wanted to do any gaming, you had better hit your local arcade. The arcade was a magical place with beeping noises of the machine and its shiny lights flashing all over everyone’s eyes. The nostalgia of arcade gaming is one of the reasons why many now have bought these old-school gaming machines as sort of a collector’s item today.

So back in 1991, arcade gaming was at its peak and all the kids were fiercely competitive and you had to be if you wanted to keep playing. At the ruthless arcade, it was winner takes all. So becoming a professional gamer is beyond just a dream for many, but not for our young lead Haruo Yaguchi. The sixth-grader has quite the aptitude for arcade gaming and has garnered some major respect for his amazing skills all across the local arcades. Imagine his ego and confidence just lay destroyed as he was beaten in Street Fighter II by Akira Oono, a classmate. Akira is a rich, smart, and beautiful girl but this didn’t faze Haruo. Haruo only cared for his prowess and skills as a gamer. He wishes for a compatible rival and when Akira fits the void he is very loathsome of her. Akira is more than capable of becoming his rival.

The second season of the show jumps five years into the future and takes the viewers on a fun journey. The protagonist is now stuck in a love triangle with Akira and another girl, Hidaka Koharu. The second season focuses on these characters heavily. Both the seasons are currently uploaded on Netflix.

Hi-Score Girl Season 3: When Is It Releasing?

The goofy show as Netflix puts it had recently come out with its second season in October of 2019 and ended in December in the same year. The second season was quite well-received among fans and they are expecting more of the show to come out soon. Since the manga series had announced a spinoff there are hopes that there will be enough content for the show to put out another season.

According to reports, the manga will continue Koharu’s story beyond the high school life. Since the lockdown has delayed productions everywhere, you can expect the season’s production to push back as well. There are some who claim that the earliest we can see this show coming back is sometime in the Fall of 2020 or Early 2021.

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