Run is a black comedy American tv series brought by HBO. Created by Vicky Jones the series was first released on April 12, 2020. Season 1 consisted of 7 episodes in total.  The story revolves around a couple mainly.
Those who have binged watched the series are surely waiting for another season update by HBO.

Let’s get into further details regarding the show:

When is Season 2 of the Run coming out?

The renewal is a huge hit and miss as of now, and things are pretty unclear. The series concluded its final episode on May 24, 2020, which has not been able to gather a huge audience base. The same is reflected through the low rating it has received in all the major areas. In IMDB it managed to achieve a meager 6.4 rating which is low if a series want to be renewed.

But still, nothing can be said about the show as these ratings will change once many users stream the show in the coming days. So we might get a potential new season and if that happens we are aiming for a release date sometime in 2022 as no work is going to start anytime now because of the pandemic issues floating around.

According to me, I don’t see a renewal for the series. But you never know what the future might hold for you.

Who Is the Star Cast of the New Show?

The lead role is portrayed by a couple named Ruby and Billy. With Merritt Wever playing Ruby Richardson we have Domhnall Gleeson as Billy Johnson. Other supporting roles include:

  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Laurel Halliday)
  • Rich Sommer (Laurence Richardson)
  • Tamara Podemski (Babe Cloud)
  • Archie Panjabi (Fiona)
  • Shaun J. Brown (Ryan Everwood)
  • Jake Bover (Scooter Richardson)
  • Kelsey Flower (Daniel)

Is There a Trailer Released for Season 2?

Considering the fact that the series is yet to get a renewal order which is not happening anytime soon, it would be foolish for us to expect a trailer of the show for the 2nd season. We won’t get a confirmation until the pandemic is still around which has halted the production of some major shows.

Additional Details:

The show is based on the comedy, romance, and thriller genre. It got an IMDB rating of 6.4 and achieved a rotten tomatoes rating of 84% while critics ratings are very strict at 49%. No doubt the show is heavily affected by these ratings which confirm its renewal.

Here is the trailer for season 1, if you haven’t seen the show yet.

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