Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 8 All You Need to Know

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The DC Universe is full of incredible villains and amazing Superheroes with deep lore and extremely complex stories. Their creators have taken very special care to portray these stories as ones of extreme misfortune and they have even displayed the twisted moralities that decide their fates. The convoluted minds of Joker and Harley Quinn are very often misunderstood to be disturbed and deadly. Although Harley is seen to be very loyal to Mr.J or the Joker, she has her conflicted moments. Her latest animated show follows on her journey as she tries to make it in Gotham city.

The American Adult Animated show is based on the character of Harley Quinn and is created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. The show first premiered in November 2019 on DC Universe. The show is said to follow the misadventures of Harley Quinn along with her best friend (for some a love interest too) and her Partner in Crime, the infamous Poison Ivy. What will Harley do now that she has broken up with the Joker? Read ahead to find out more about the mischievous and pretty villainess.

What Is the Show Harley Quinn About?

Harley Quinn is voiced by the famous and charming Kaley Cuoco. The actress was seen in other long-lasting sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory and8 Simple Rules and has been an impressive actress for a long time. We also see Lake Bell personifying the amazing Poison Ivy in this animated adventure.

Harley Quinn wishes to see what her life will be like away from the Joker and goes on adventures with her best friend Poison Ivy to have some fun and create an identity beyond ‘Joker’s Girlfriend’.

What Is Happening in Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 8?

The latest episode of the Harley Quinn show came on 22nd May 2020 and it has been quite an amazing one. The last episode ended with a major cliffhanger and a lovely kiss between our favorites, Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy. Harley admitted her feelings but when she saw that Ivy didn’t wanna talk about it, she deviated. Harley travels with her crew to Apokolips and demands Darkseid for an army to conquer Gotham. But Harley’s challenge is not over yet as she must defeat Granny Goodness to get the Parademons to follow her. She does get Dr.Psycho to help her out.

Harley easily decimates Commissioner Gordon’s army with her Parademons but she still couldn’t admit her love for Ivy and instead threw her a bachelorette party. With Harley’s love problems on her mind, she gave up a chance for world domination and this led Mr.Psycho to eventually quit her crew.

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