‘Hannibal’ is returning with all its 3 seasons having 39 episodes. We know you all excited to watch the series again after these many years.

The best horror series in times of 2015 which is used to be telecasted on NBC channel in the past.

Some Major Things That You Need to Know About Hannibal:

The series started airing on NBC in 2013, continued till 2015 with 3 seasons. Because of some reasons, NBC canceled the series and its the end then.

The series was acclaimed highly and critically by the viewers of those times. Though it faced some issues, the team managed to bring it to the most favorite horror show. There are many fans who are still waiting for another season of this thrilling drama.

Maybe it’s you, the one who is reading this article to find some interesting facts, aren’t you waiting for another season? Well, everyone is waiting.

Where and When Can We Get Hannibal Back Again?

To all the fans over there, we are getting all the 3 seasons of Hannibal on the 5th of June 2020. And it’s gonna happen on Netflix.

After NBC canceled the series, the ideas of continuing, that means the idea of season 04 grounded by the writer and the team. But now for our good, they are digging it again.

Will Season 4 Happens?

There are chances. Bryan Fuller, the developer of the series working on it. But the team already said that season 04 will only happen when the series acclaimed sufficiently by those new viewers of Netflix.

Netflix will renew it for another season only when it received good reviews. So the future of the series depends and is in the hands of its viewers.

Another interesting thing you should know is, the series is created based on characters of a novel by Thomas Harris. The novel called ‘Red Dragon’. So, they will have many chances to construct a story based on Thomas Harris Novels.

If Hannibal Renewed, Can We See the Same Cast in It?

Maybe, there are chances. But as far as they didn’t announce, we couldn’t confirm it.
If the previous cast confirmed, they may include Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter, Hugh Dancy as Will Graham, Caroline Dhavernas as Alana Bloom, Scott Thompson as Jimmy Price and many others. These are only our predictions though.

We will let you know if any confirmed details released. Till then, wait for the day and stay connected!!

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