Half Life 3 Story, Release Date, Update and Every Updates We Know

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The first-person shooter game from Valve was an absolute smasher. The game had the best mix of shooting fun, lore development, and just a hilarious gameplay experience. The game had received critical and commercial success when it launched. The lore also seeps through from other Valve games as well.

Half-Life is one of the most talked-about games on the internet. Half-Life released in 1998 and the technological feats it has achieved with each game is worth a mention. Tasks and puzzle-solving are at the heart of the game but the lore of the Half-Life Universe is what the players love the most.

Half-Life 2 came out in 2004 and was a worthy successor to the revolutionary first game of the series. Critics commended the advanced physics and graphics that this game engine brought. Valve was once again facing the immense fan pressure for another Half-Life. It seems quite straight forward to take some time and just make another game, doesn’t it? So then, why are we still talking about Half-Life 3 16 years after the second game came out? Continue ahead to find out the fate of this anticipated game.

What is Half-Life?

You play the game as Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist who arrives late for work. Don’t worry it goes well for him actually. He dons on a Hazardous Environment Vehicle (HEV) Suit to conduct some experiments and chaos ensues when the spectrometer explodes. A portal to another dimension opens up and now Gordon must save himself from other world aliens and Government agents sent to cover up the accident.

The game involves complex puzzles and shooting and as you go through the game you continue to uncover the lore and some fun easter eggs the developers have left for you to explore.’

When is Half-Life 3 Releasing?

Half-Life finally has an answer to the eager fans. But, it’s not the one you expect. The next game in the series is not Half-Life 3 but is actually Half-Life: Alyx. Alyx is actually the prequel to the story in Half-Life 2 and is a VR game.

The creators have been slightly reluctant to keep releasing¬† Half-Life titles for the sake of quarterly earnings as they said in an interview with IGN. The development of Half-Life 2 took a painfully long time. Developers said since the creation of the Source 2 engine, they needed a new engine, but didn’t want to repeat the troublesome process again. They also have said that Alyx was an addition and not an end to the Half-Life Series, meaning you can still wait for the third one while you replay other Valve games.

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