There is no confirmation about the renewal of the series, Giri Haji. However, season one of this series grabbed the attention of several people. People loved season one of Giri Haji and if this series renew for its next season, the fans will be very happy. But, there is no confirm news about the renewal of season one. The season one of Giri Haji released on October 17, 2019, on BBC network. Later, it started streaming on Netflix from January 10, 2020. As Netflix has millions of subscribers, the viewers of season 1 of Giri Haji increased multiplicatively. This made the series successful and profitable.

Giri Haji is an English television web series. However, the name Giri Haji is Japanese. Giri implies Duty and Haji indicate Shame. Joe Barton is the writer, as well as the creator of this series. The season one comprises a total of eight episodes each of 50 to 55 minutes. However, the season one ending was not complete. So, there is a possibility of the renewal of this season. The second season may release in the year 2021. Surely, season 2 of Giri Haji will achieve millions of viewers and success.

Who will be the characters in season 2 of Giri Haji?

As there is no confirmation about the release of season two, there is no assurance of the characters of season 2 as well. If season two releases, fans will be able to see the leading characters of season one in season two. In season one, the character, named, Takehiro Hira played the role of Kenzo Mori. Next, Kelly Macdonald worked as Sarah Weitzmann, Yosuke Kubozuka acted as Yuto. Further, Aoi Okuyama worked as Taki, Will Sharpe, as Rodney. Again, Masahiro Motoki acted as Fukuhara, John McCrea as Tiff, and Yuko Nakamura as Rei. Additionally, season two may include several new characters.

What will be the plot of Season 2 of Giri Haji? 

The plot of season two may continue the incomplete story of season one. In the previous, fans saw that Kenzo Mori was a detector. He investigated the murder case of Yuka, who was the boss. In season two, Mori will go the London to investigate the case of Yuka’s death. However, the fans will be expecting whether Yoto is alive or dead. The season two will explore the fact of Yoto’s life.

The storyline of season one was a massive hit. Let’s hope that season two will release soon. Surely, the plot of this season will also be a massive hit.

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