France President calls for second national lockdown to prevent widespread death due to second wave

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France President Macron finally announces the second phase nationwide lockdown from Friday until 1 December. He said that the second wave could be worse than the first one. If the government takes no steps then the effects would be dangerous. The second wave of COVID can be even dangerous, as it would kill more people. As per one of the surveys, they said that taking no steps can kill almost four lakh people or more. He also mentioned that schools would stay open until month-long extensions. All the national measures would begin on Friday. However, he has promised that the second lockdown would have flexible terms. All the public services, essential workplace, and schools would stay open.

He added that people leaving their house during lockdown have to carry documents. Since police would be on the streets for checking. Hotels, bars, and restaurants would not open during the lockdown. Some of the approved reasons behind coming out of the house are buying essential goods, medical emergencies, etc. People who need to visit the care house can come out of their house and they have to carry documents.

Updates on the second phase lockdown

While announcing the second phase lockdown, he said that it was heartbreaking. However, being the president of the country, he cannot see people dying. Already the medical organizations are trying their best to fight the virus. When announcing the lockdown, he clearly stated that lockdown should begin immediately. Already the intensive care units in France crossed fifty-eight percent.

Macron added that he noticed that many medical organizations delayed in providing lifesaving operations. Almost nine thousand patients will be in the IC unit by November, which is the maximum capacity of the country. If the situation improves within fifteen days then the non-essential shops would open. As of now, the daily infection rate in France is thirty-five thousand. If the rate falls below five thousand only then the shops would open.

Macron is of the view that the virus is spreading quickly in France. It is becoming impossible to control the spread. Just like Europe, the entire country is overwhelmed by the second wave. Health experts are continuously telling that the second wave can be dangerous than the first one. On Wednesday night, the infection rate was around thirty-six thousand.

The tight lockdown in Italy and Spain made the locals angry. People looted luxury stores to show their rage against the tight control of public life. However, Macron promised that the second phase lockdown in France would be liberal.

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