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The choices made so far from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake are controversial at times, surprising in other people, and a breath of fresh air for many fans of the first. Characters and associations such as the associates of Barret’s terrorist team AVALANCHE are expanded on in more detail than was previously available in the amount of time that the opening Midgar section had accessible.

The Connected Final Fantasies Easter Eggs

Originally appearing in Final Fantasy 10, the Easter Egg involves a personality from Final Fantasy 10-2 named Shinra, who had been created by scenario writer Kazushige Nojima together with all the initial intent of linking both worlds. Later releases of Final Fantasy 10 also included a cameo of the child where he cites wanting to start a power company somewhere, pulling energy out of the game’s ethereal Farplane. Nojima has also mentioned from the Final Fantasy 7 Ultimania Omega, a compendium of string trivia, that the character is linked to the Shinra Electric Company, but the organization’s production does not occur for 1000 years.

Sin Destroys The Cetra And Jenova

This connection has opened the doors to get heaps of fan theories, extending all of the way from the connected nature of the Farplane into materia and the Lifestream, drawing a one-to-one relationship between the concepts. Among the stranger of those theories is the way the connected planet is related to the fate of the ancient culture of Cetra and Final Fantasy 7’s secondary antagonist Jenova. Specifically, this looks at the way the Cetra managed to ruin Jenova in the first position, and also how they could defeat her, but still were ruined in the process.

Farplane Is Your Lifestream

What’s essentially been verified is that the what is referred to as the Farplane at Final Fantasy 10 has a link with the Lifestream that becomes the middle of this conflict in Final Fantasy 7. Specifically, there are quite a few moments in Final Fantasy 7 where characters fall into and escape in the Lifestream, normally having an existential crisis or 2 each time this occurs.

Aeons In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The 1 place where the connections between the two worlds and make the most peculiar effect without straying two way in the original game’s narrative is Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s summons. Taking a look at the Farplane link to the Lifestream, it may even be presumed that what Final Fantasy 7 refers to as materia are more refined versions of the spheres which players may find in Final Fantasy 10. This consequently means that when a participant uses a red materia to summon anything from Shiva to Ifrit, then this can become a kind of summoning the same Faith that produces the Aeons that combine the players when Yuna calls for help.

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