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FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE ONLY CAME OUT A FEW MONTHS AGO, also we don’t have some official word yet on a release date for its next installment. Producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Tetsuya Nomura have confirmed multiple occasions that the sequel is currently in development, most recently in a July 2020 issue of Japan’s leading gaming weekly, Famitsu. However, while we patiently await word about the next phase of Cloud’s travel, that uncontrolled ending to FF7 Remake still has our head spinning with possibilities. Maybe among the greatest among them is the role of Wutai at the upcoming phases of this narrative.

If Wutai plays a bigger role in FF7 Remake Part 2, that probably means the creative team might have to dramatically rethink one of those game’s seven playable characters. Here’s why.

This battle between the two city-states appears to be overhyped by Shinra propaganda to help keep the residents in order.

Despite President Shinra’s bloviating, there’s quite a bit of evidence to suggest the Midgar chapter of Avalanche does have some fairly strong links to Wutai. In Chapter 4, when Jessie “borrows” her ailing dad’s work ID to find some supplies to get their following reactor bombing, Cloud and his pals are saved by the intervention of fellow Avalanche members by”HQ.” Throughout the showdown at Shinra Tower late in FF7 Remake, it’s Avalanche associates from Wutai who bring Wedge and the helicopter to rescue Cloud along with his pals from Sephiroth and Rufus.

Essentially, this war boiled down to Wutai paying a big price for resisting Shinra’s efforts to install a Mako reactor on its holy mountain. Wutai, headed by Godo Kisuragi, was decreased to a kitschy tourist trap. That is where our playable character comes in. From the 1997 game, Yuffie’s the rebellious daughter of the hamstrung leader of Wutai. She’s an optional character who steals Materia from the party — if you’re not prepared, this is sometimes an infuriatingly difficult order to make it through.

In the first FF7, Yuffie’s a yappy ditz who doesn’t add much to the overall narrative, even though she is a worthy addition for your battle trio. Given the expanded importance of Avalanche in FF7 Remake, it’s likely Wutai will play a far bigger part when Cloud and his friends continue their unknown journey.

Bringing more depth to the stories surrounding Yuffie and Wutai has another massive potential benefit for FF7 fans — more opportunities to see Sephiroth and Zack Fair being cool in flashbacks into the Wutai War. When Yuffie enthusiasts win, everybody wins!


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