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Thus far, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake was extremely well received by both critics and players, despite the more contentious conclusions which went into growth. One of the choices, especially making Final Fantasy 7 Remake episodic, has left Square Enix in a strange position for a few of the central mechanics and new characters that appeared in the very first installment.

The materia shop and walking trophy list Chadley creates one of the more challenging scenarios for Square Enix to remedy, since the character does not just operate a few late-game challenges, but can also be the principal source of summons in the game. But where Final Fantasy 7 Remake can take the character is extremely limited from the fact that is revealed about him after confronting the most difficult challenge he provides at Hard Mode, which requires a Spoiler Warning moving forward.

Chadley’s Origins

Originally, Chadley introduces himself to Cloud and the player as an intern working for Shinra at the slums of Midgar but admits he is willing to turn on his employer in service of AVALANCHE. However, at the end of Chadley’s final challenge, which requires players to tackle a series of die-hard directors including the Pride and Joy Prototype, it’s revealed that the character is not an intern. At a cutscene after the challenge, it’s is revealed that he’s a highly advanced AI made by Hojo together with the intent of collecting intel from approximately Midgar.

Which Summons Can We Expect To See?

1 specific oddity concerning the summons at Final Fantasy 7 Remake is that a number of these appear in this first installment, even though they didn’t exist in Midgar from the original. Both Chocobo summons, which was initially just a single materia, did not initially appear until the Chocobo Farm, also Bahamut is first located in the Temple of Ancients at the end of the original’s original disk. By including these and another summons as early as Midgar for obvious reasons, the movie currently has marginally free reign to throw that Square Enix wants in the gamers’ hands without a lot of care.

Balancing New Summons With Current Ones

Needless to say, bringing in new and stronger summon materia could mean some sidelining for the older helpers that players worked so tough to have in the first place. Now, it is still unclear exactly what players are going to be able to carry over when the next installment of Final Fantasy 7 Remake does eventually arrive if it ends up being anything in any way. In case that players are allowed to keep their summon materia, nevertheless, adding more entries to the roster might overload the mechanic a little.

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