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One of the individual things which make Final Fantasy 7 Remake so exceptional is it’s a very intricate and well-considered magical system. Though magic is used in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is much different compared to its source material, how it’s equipped and organized is almost the same. The materia system is already commended by many as among the best magic systems in virtually any video game, and this praise is justified. The range of customization, workable materia builds, and valid strategies within both Final Fantasy 7 Remake, as well as the original FF7 title, looks endless.

First off, establishing which Final Fantasy 7 Remake materia will likely stay for a second go-around is important. Basic elemental magic is likely to all stay. Also, materia such as Steal, Magnify, and Elemental are likely to return as well.

FF7 Remake Part 2 Could Have New Materia

The thought of new materia in a match with a wealthy fighting platform such as FF7 Remake is currently an exciting idea to contemplate. However, thinking about particular magic that may benefit the gameplay is a bit harder than it may sound. More summons will likely be added into Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part two. Knights of the Round were infamous for being a very powerful summon from the original FF7, but in FF7 Remake Part 2 its potency will likely be toned down. Regardless of this, it seems like a huge area of the identity of the first game. Although Knights of the Round may not be a series staple like another summons, it should make an appearance in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part two sooner or later.

Concerning magic and skills which aren’t already in FF7 Remake, some from the original title that could be interesting are Deathblow, Transform, and Exit. Deathblow gives one party member a very powerful standard attack using a high prospect of missing. However, when it lands it deals significant damage. It might be cathartic to return the favor using Transform materia. Exit feels like it might be really useful. Running away from conflicts in FF7 Remakemay find somewhat tiresome, so using a quick and effortless means to run beyond a hoard when gamers are backtracking could be a big deal.

Given that the very first game just covered a small portion of the story, its fair to assume new gameplay opportunities will startup also. Supplying the player with fresh materia may be an enjoyable way to keep FF7 Remake’s action-based battle system always engaging.

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