FBI warns malicious cyber actors threatening the US healthcare systems

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The malicious cyber actors in the USA already hit almost four hospitals. Apart from that, hundreds of hospitals are already in the danger zone. Malicious cyber actors are mostly targeting those sectors that can cause data theft. Along with that, the ransomware that can cause disruption in the healthcare services is involved too. FBI has already warned all the cybercriminals regarding the release of ransomware assault. Their primary target is the US healthcare system.

Security experts are of the view that four hospitals are already a victim. Further, the other hospitals are already in the fear of the attack. Recently, in one of the latest joint alerts on Wednesday, the FBI as well as other federal agencies made their statement. They are of the view that they have credible information regarding the increased number of cybercrime. Therefore, chances are there the US hospitals and healthcare institutions would be the sufferer.

More updates on the malicious cyber actors in the US

FBI clearly mentioned that they are already getting details about the recent attacks. Some of the regions that faced attacks are Oregon, California, and New York. Three cybersecurity consultants are looking after the cases in all three regions. One of the doctors in one of the interviews with Reuters mentioned that the facility was working perfectly. However, later on, things became difficult and the patient transferring became unable.

The doctor did not want to reveal the name of the staff since the staff did not have the authority. The doctor added that he could still watch all the vitals as well as the imaging. However, communications are done through the paper. Staff can view the patient records but the malware is not allowing updating them. Few of the experts view that the group Wizard Spider or UNC 1878 is behind malicious activities.

The coincidence lies behind the fact that the incident is taking place before the US election. However, the officials are of the view that not all these things have any connection with the election. Charles Carmakal, the chief technical officer of the cybersecurity firm says that the US is experiencing significant cybersecurity threats. In addition, he is of the view that the group might affect the other hospitals in the US.

Administrative problems, which the malware is causing scrambles data into gibberish, which can only be unlocked with software keys. Russian-speaking cybercriminals who are behind the attacks use a ransomware strain, Ryuk. The hackers seed it through zombie computers known as Trickbot.

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