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Fable is eventually coming, putting an end to the decade long drought of primary entry Fable games, and it is creating a departure from the series’ legendary setting of Albion. Alongside that, several other modifications are very likely to arrive at the franchise despite Playground Games’ best intentions. During all of this, the trailer makes it clear that the franchise’s whimsical air will remain, but one feature in particular from Fable two should make a comeback too. There’s a lot to be said about which is the best main entry Fable match, however Fable 2 comes out on top concerning multiplayer choices with its drop-in/drop-out co-op feature.

Fable was announced in the Xbox Games Showcase and is more of a reboot about an immediate sequel. Officially titled only Fable, the game is still quite a long way away. As with any game, however, it will undoubtedly be a much better experience if it could be enjoyed by friends, so reusing Fable two ‘s flexible co-op system goes a long way to making this game more enjoyable for all audiences. It remains to be seen whether Playground Games will take on that aspect of the series’ history or not.

Fable 2 Co-Op

The co-op at Fable 2 was far from perfect; there were a lot of flaws which made the experience much less than ideal in a lot of ways. By way of example, it was difficult for the second participant to make certain they had the very same skills after every time that they loaded the game. The next player also did not have any influence on the story or even a title, and NPC’s would refuse to interact together. Despite its defects, it was a welcome addition and could still be a lot of fun under the right conditions.

Can Fable Have Multiplayer?

At this early stage of evolution, it’s not possible to state with any level of certainty whether Fable will have multiplayer, but if it will, it will likely draw inspiration from Fable 2. With how the story was created, it would be difficult to justify using two characters worked in unless they are found throughout the whole story. If this were the case, Playground Games would have to be concerned about giving the participant an AI companion throughout the narrative that could sometimes be controlled by the player. Even though there are still many unknowns about Fable, this is unlikely, so a non-canon ally seems much more likely.

Fable is in development for PC and Xbox Collection X.

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