The developers confirmed that F1 2020 will release on July 10, 2020. This is the great news for the fans. However, the release date is scheduled early. The name, F1 stands for formula One. Formula One is a famous video game. Pole Position is the name of the first game of Formula One. Namco developed this game in the year 1970. The people loved this game and the game became the most-played game in the 1970s. After the success of the first game, it renewed for the second one and developed in the year 1980. The name of the second game was Pole Position II.

What Will Be the Gameplay of F1 2020?

The trailer of F1 2020 is out. However, the fans can get little idea of the game. In the trailer, there are large numbers os vehicles, races and drivers. Additionally, many of the drivers did not wear a helmet. There will be two laps in the game. One at Zandvoort and the other at Barcelona. Again, the players will get many new options. These options are created team mode option, split-screen racing, casual race option, and many more. Also, the game F1 2020 will have its own new rules.

Additionally, the developers told that there will be large number of F1 vehicles, namely, Red Bull RB6, the Ferrari F1 2000, 1990 Ferrari 641, Ferrari SF1000, Mercedes-AMG F1, Alpha Tauri Honda AT01, Renault RS 20, Williams Mercedes FW43, Racing Point BWT Mercedes RP20, McLaren Renault MCL35, and four F1 vehicles of Micheal Schumacher.

What Are the New Things Added in F1 2020?

The developers added many new features to entertain the fans. Fans will surely enjoy this edition of the game. However, this is the twelfth edition of Formula One. Like previous editions, this edition will also include the feature of Dirt 4 and the feature of ‘ My Team ‘. The four cars of the Micheal Schumacher are Jordan 191, N=Benetton B194, Benetton 195, and lastly, Ferrari F1-2000. in this game, the players will have to choose one among the two options. The first is to choose the full Formula 2 season. On the other hand, the second is the sam as in F1 2019, i.e., to choose three races.

The fans will be very happy with this newer edition of the game. F1 2020 will release for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia.

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