The teenage years of our lives are extremely important to many. They are the ages where people get molded into adults and develop as humans. The life of such a teenager is described in the Korean Drama, ‘Extracurricular’. The show follows an ideal student who is up to something not so ideal.

The fear of ending up as a failure is a fear of many. It is a gripping fear to one ideal student Oh Jisoo, who is pushed to extremes when his double life is caught. Teen angst and many other mature topics are explored in this show. The teenage high school story gone wrong is a very basic understatement as we follow along with the criminal life of Oh Ji-Soo.

What Is the Story of Extracurricular? 

The story of Extracurricular explores a dark version of a world of juvenile crimes and how teenagers can be influenced to do illegal stuff. Oh Ji-Soo is an ideal student who is awkward but also gifted. Oh Ji-Soo runs a sex trafficking ring to be able to claw out his dead-end life and go to college.

The life of Oh Ji-Soo is a grim and lonely one, with no friends and a single father, we see how he turns to crime in an effort to getaway. Life gets messy for him when his classmate and crush Bae Gyu-Ri becomes his friend. He must keep his secret life hidden from everyone. Things worsen for Oh Ji-Soo when Seo Min-Hee gets caught up in his criminal activities. Seo Min-Hee is the girlfriend of the school bully Kwak Ki-Tae. The world of Oh Ji-Soo is turned upside down as he moves towards a violent and dark future for his dreams.

Who is the Cast of Extracurricular?

The cast list of Extracurricular includes some interesting and talented actors. Some of the amazing cast is listed below.

  • Dong-Hee Kim as Oh Jisoo
  • Park Joo-Hyun as Bae Gyu-Ri
  • Da-Bin Jung as Seo Minhee
  • Naam Yoon-Soo as Kwak Ki-Tae
  • Min-Su Choi as Mr. Lee

When is Season 2 of Extracurricular Releasing?

The first season of Extracurricular came out with 10 episodes and the trailer is linked below.

The renewal of the teenage crime show is still unclear. Although the first season of the K-Drama was highly successful and quite entertaining, there are many speculations with the renewal to Season 2. Netflix hasn’t yet announced anything regarding this. The popularity of the K-Drama does give us hope that this show will soon be renewed and put into production quickly.

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