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There are very limited details about what occurred to Maverick following Top Gun. Other media franchises continue their narratives through other paths, but that is not true with the budding Paramount film collection. While Best Gun: Maverick will be the first appropriate follow-up to the 1986 movie, there are certain details from the sequel which gives fans a notion of what occurred to the hotshot pilot following the initial film.

In the conclusion of Top Gun, Maverick and Charlotte”Charlie” Blackwood (Kelly McGillis) reunited after a brief separation while the former dealt with the passing of Goose. The film’s parting shot revealed the pair locked in a kiss. Since Maverick now has a different love interest in Penny Benjamin (Jennifer Connelly), a bar owning single mum who is also the daughter of a former admiral, his reconciliation with Charlie didn’t work. It is unsure how long that they were back together before permanently parting ways but it’s something which Top Gun: Maverick may also shed light on.

In terms of his professional life, Maverick has also been promoted a few times after Top Gun. When the original film wrapped up, Maverick was a Lieutenant (O-3), to be the captain he is now in the sequel, he would’ve moved up the rankings three times over the previous 3 decades. First he became a Lieutenant Commander (0-4), then a Commander (0-5), and a Captain (0-6). Considering he’s able to consistently scale the Navy ladder before, it makes it more fascinating why he’s been stuck as a captain since his last promotion.

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