We know what are you wondering for. After watching an amazing 7th journey of Endeavour Morse, you are a bit excited to know what happens after that and very much anticipated to know about the details of season 08. Is it renewed yet? And How many days should a fan wait for it? Chill, we brought you everything we know and you need to know.

Endeavour is renewed for the 8th season back in 2019 and it is going to air sometime soon.
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When Are We Getting It? Release Date:

Umm..it is sad to say but we have to. Though the series renewed, it has not yet started production or may be delayed and you know why, because of the global pandemic all the studios and shootings are on hold. Slowly, the government is planning to release as this pandemic is not giving us good results. Anyway, that is all a sort of hell, forget it. Coming to our series, we will get it sometime in 2021 if everything went as scheduled.
As of now, there is no particular date released yet.

Plot Details:

We all know that this series a prequel to ‘Inspector Morse’. It shows young Morse and set in the 1960s and 70s. So far the series covered the 1960s and in the new season, it follows his life in the 1970s. The show has a huge fan base and received positive reviews. Aired on ITV and still continues.

So, the exact story was unknown but we can say its gonna rock like the previous ones. The life of young Endeavour Morse is pretty interesting, right? However, we have to wait for more of it.

Endeavour Season 08, Cast Details:

As the series follows the story of Endeavour Morse, Shaun Evans continues that role and some co-characters may also return like Roger Allam as Fred Thursday, Anton Lesser as
Reginald Bright and others as well. Let’s watch them on the screen.

That is all we got, for now, we will inform you further details if released officially. Till then, stay safe and connected.

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