Driver comes live on Facebook with a beer in hand claiming that he dries better when he drinks before colliding with a truck

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On Sunday before crashing, a man came on Facebook live with a beer in hand claiming that he drives better when drunk. Soon after that, he crashed into a truck and killed his girlfriend and his three friends. Camilo Morejon came live on Facebook and the footage was streamed live while he was driving. He was driving through the Jersey village in Houston, Texas. The accident took place on Sunday morning. Before the accident happened, he has on camera along with his three friends and his girlfriend. He was holding a bottle of alcohol and saying that he drives better when drunk.

What happened next with Camilo Morejon?

After the live video ended, Morejon collided with a pickup truck. He was driving a silver Honda. While three of his friends and his girlfriend died, the driver of the pickup truck is fighting for life. The Harris County District Attorney charged Morejon with intoxication manslaughter. Along with that, the intoxication assault charges are also there on him. Apart from that, the entire crash recorded in one of the CCTV cameras from a nearby gas station.

After checking the footage, it was clear that he was not in a sense while driving. The car was completely blurred since it was at full speed. Sean Teare, Harris County prosecutor saw that the live video on Facebook. The video was clearly showing him driving the car with a bottle of alcohol. The video went live at 7.47 am and the accident happened around 7.53 am.

Sean Teare mentioned that such a minor span is quite rare. The time between going live and the accident. However, he also added that things happen and there is nothing to do. Throughout that day, almost four crashes happened and almost seven people died. All the crashes are chargeable. The police are also looking forward to the number of bars that are serving after-hours. If they successfully find out the counter, who supplied alcohol to Camilo would be held responsible as well.

One of the investigators added that there are three to four bars in the area. The police would visit them one by one to find out a link for the crash. The passengers who died in the crash are his girlfriend Leosveyka Gonzalez, Pedro Martinez, and Massel Rodriguez. Although the other passengers died in the crash, yet Morejon escaped. He is now in hospital and is fighting between life and death.

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