The manga written and illustrated by Kouto Hirano was finally adapted to an anime back in 2016. Ever since the anime hit the Fall 2016 calendars, fans have been raving for more. The one-man army anime has garnered a mass following and season 2 is about to come soon. These are the updates that you should know about Drifters.

The first thing you might find different about this anime is the art style. The art style is quite different when you compare it to the run of the mill shounen series. You might also notice the different animation style which has a serious feel to it. It is a violent and gory view, but one to watch even so.

What is the Story of Drifters?

The story of Drifters is set in a fantasy world full of known historical and political figures. It revolves around warriors summoned to battle against other warriors. Shimazu Toyohisa is the samurai whose valiant journey we concerningly follow. ‘Drifters’ and ‘Ends’ are fighting a brutal war and Shimazu, being moments away from death was summoned to this world.

The story of the anime itself is a dark and serious one. The gore and hard action reflect the same throughout the season.The comedy in this series sometimes helps undercut the seriousness of the show. It also makes it a somewhat more enjoyable watch. You might be able to spot the themes the show references if you’re up to date with your history. Fair warning though, the plot armor is quite heavy, so anime logic is ever-present.

Here is the trailer for the first season of Drifters

Who is The Cast of Drifters Season 2?

The animation is produced by Hoods Entertainment, NBC Universal Japan, and Shounen Gahousha. Here is a list of the main voice actors on the show:

Shimazu Toyohia played by Nakamura Yuuichi

Oda Nobunaga played by Uchida Naoya

Nasu Yoichi Suketaka played by Saiga Mitsuki

When is Drifters Season 2 Coming?

The last addition to the series in the manga came on January 10, 2020. There is enough of the story remaining for another season. Although the creators have refrained from saying anything official about the renewal, we believe the anime might come soon in 2022. The second season is still in the process of writing many report suggest.

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