A new story with the perfect characters, diving deep into the true-crime genre. Dirty John season 2 is happening and it is releasing soon. The story is deep and involves the criminal life of a con-man. The second season will explore more into the story.

Plot for Dirty John Season 2

The creation of this show started with a podcast. Christopher Goffard used to investigate and talk about different things. However, he began exploring the story of Dirty John. There is nothing that interests you up to here. However, it becomes a lot interesting when you find out the John was found dead.

This happened after he became a part of the life of Debra Newell. It turns out that there is a lot of potential in this series. That is why, a show was created based on it with the same name.

In season two, Dan and Betty are having their marriage. However, it gets ugly. The marriage turns into a divorce. In reality, this divorce was considered a very messy divorce.  According to the show, Betty is a great woman and she works hard because she is a mother. However, she has a friend, Dan, who she knows from college. She ends up marrying him.

He is lovable but it quickly turns ugly when Linda, another woman, becomes a part of his life. The second season is coming soon and we will know more about the story with it.

Release Date for Dirty John Season 2

The second season of the popular true-crime series is premiering on 2nd June 2020. You can watch it on the USA Network on this date. Also, the timing is 9 PM ET. Besides this, for the viewers on Netflix, you can expect season two to release next year.

Cast of Dirty John Season 2

Rachel Keller will play the role of Linda Kolkena. She is a woman who will make the marriage of Dan and Betty, fall apart. Also, Amanda Peet will be Betty Broderick. She is the lover of Dan. Christian Slater plays the role of Dan.

There is something awesome which you should know. The directors for the upcoming season are all-women. This is very unique and it will be great to see them, showing their talents.

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