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Now that we have the whole collection of everything, Destiny 2 is”vaulting,” ie. Deleting in the match with Beyond Light, I find myself believing.

What are the ethical or potential legal implications of deleting previously paid content out of a video game?

I am not coming on”mad” at Bungie here. I don’t care about the majority of the things moving away from a technical perspective, I just think this is an intriguing question in the age of video games from 2020, and”evolving worlds” which need to break long-established fundamentals or danger devoting themselves to death.


This is something which we did not understand until this most recent upgrade, that while pursuit exotics (and raid exotics) will exist in some kind of new Museum program in Beyond Light, many exotic catalysts tied to vaulted destinations are being eliminated, maybe until year 13 or 14. Also, we do not know in what form they will return. Here is the list:

Skyburner’s Oath
Sleeper Simulant*
Outbreak Perfected*
Whisper of this Worm*
Worldline Zero*
Bad Juju
The Huckleberry
that Izanagi’s Burden
Legend of Acrius
Polaris Lance


These changes will affect people seeking to get into Destiny 2 since Osiris’ Red War,” Curse, and Warmind campaigns will likely be playable.

Bungie is building a”brand new, enlarged Guardian origin narrative on the Cosmodrome that will launch alongside Year and will soon be accessible to all Guardians to perform.”

The Forsaken and Shadowkeep story campaigns will be accessible for owners of these expansions.

Why Destiny 2 Has Upgrade The Solstice Of Heroes?

However, “successful failure” is not a term most companies need to be used to spell out their game. Destiny two underperformed enough that it finally went free-to-play in hopes of enticing players, and developer Bungie doesn’t want to put money into a third entrance. Rather, Bungie is choosing to focus on the sport by putting out new post-launch articles, shifting the manners microtransactions perform, and reading it.

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