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The latest trailer for Destiny 2: Beyond Light gives Guardians a couple new hints in the surroundings they will be researching in new missions on Europa. Beyond Light is the calendar year 4 Expansion for Bungie’s sci-fi FPS, starting on November 10th – the same day as the launch of the Xbox Series X, though next-gen optimized versions of the game will not be ready until later in 2020. In addition to new locales plus a new campaign, Beyond Light adds Stasis, a fourth kind of elemental damage that comes alongside a highly customizable skill tree for its related subclass.

Described as a new age for Destiny from Bungie, Beyond Light will even observe the removal of some articles from the game in favor of their new expansion locations and some coming areas from the original Destiny. While Earth’s Cosmodrome area along with the Vault of Glass raid will soon be playable at Destiny 2 for the very first time, players have been locked from all content connected with Mars, Io, Titan, Mercury, and the Leviathan ship.

The newest Destiny 2: Beyond Light Europa trailer out of Bungie features another returning aspect from the first Destiny, that being the character of Varkis. A Fallen Vandal that functioned as a vendor in Destiny DLC House of Wolves, the character makes his initial Destiny 2 appearance in the new expansion. The trailer also showcases much of this new architecture of the landscape, together with Darkness-inspired pyramid architecture and freezing wastes. As far as gameplay goes, players can see a number of the new Stasis strikes players can equip in the growth and use against new enemy variations. The trailer also contains scenes in the Deep Stone Crypt, the raid to the expansion where gamers will investigate where Destiny’s robotic Exo race is constructed.

With Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Bungie is now able to demonstrate how it wants to expand the world it’s created. Each of the other content released up to now traveled through an approval process with previous publisher Activision, and the programmer is adjusting to the new normal of self-publishing moving ahead. Beyond Lighting seems to expand on the lore of Destiny in ways not researched because of the very first game, bringing back favorite characters and possibly even resolving some deserted plot threads. With the right moves, Destiny two could shift out of a game people play since Bungie is very good at crafting excellent shooting to a game people engage with because they can not wait to watch what happens next.

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