Murder Mysteries have always been very addictive and entertaining for the fans. With continuous plot twists and unexpected events, these mysteries do pack a punch. A starring cast provides the added incentive to watch the show with more keenness. Defending Jacob was one such series which garnered praise from the common binge-watchers as well. With a tight knit plot and a cast comprising of Chris Evans, it was a good collector at the box office. Here are some details you might be interested in about Season 2 of the show.

Defending Jacob Season 2: Plot

Based on the story written in Landay’s book, the series had exhausted all the storylines and plots. For a second season to go through the writers have to write new content and scripts. That would definitely be a time consuming process. In case a necessary link is established between the second and the first season, we will see a pick up from where the plot left off. If Andy’s father is accused of murdering Patz, Jacob might again be held on trial for Ben’s murder. In the first season the cause behind Ben’s murder was not shown in great detail. This season might revolve around the mystery of how Ben was actually killed.

Defending Jacob Season 2: Release Date

First Season of the show released in April 2020. It consisted of 8 episodes. The season was brought to a close on May 29th 2020. Considering the fact that the storyline has to be re created there is no immediate news for a second season. However if the story is prepared, lead actor Chris Rogers might not be available for a considerable period of time now. Thus keeping all those factors in mind, second season might arrive in 2023. Till then we can only be updated with the latest news.

Defending Jacob Season 2: Release Date

If there is a second season, Jaeden Martell will play the role of Jacob. Apart from that another protagonist character called Andy will be played by Chris Evans. Supporting character of this series will be Laurie. Michelle Dockery will be playing the role of Laurie.

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