Corona Virus in the USA is Spreading Like Wildfire

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The United States of America has passed its first peak of Covid-19, and now the people of America are experiencing the second rise in cases. Is this the second wave of infections? And could even more waves lie ahead? Last Friday, there were almost 46,000 newly confirmed cases. According to the epidemiologist, this number can be increased in the future. With about 7.5 million coronavirus cases, the USA  tops the list when compared to the other countries. In the mid of March-April, the president did not allow lockdown in the country. As a result, this number is so huge and confirms the top position. After imposing a lockdown in the country, the cases gradually decrease.

Recently, the government started unlocking the economy, now, people again notice that the number of cases increases. As lockdown measures are lifted, many parts of the USA are feeling a sense of relief. Children are heading back to school. Doctors failed to explain why it occurs. A study says that a large number of students are affected due to Covid-19 after they started going to school. A case-study shows that there was a hike of 50-55% in the age group 18 to 22 years. It is a serious matter. The main hotspot area in the USA is New York, Ohio, New Jersey. The maximum number of cases are from this area only. It means the second wave of coronavirus is on the way badly. Serological studies reflect that a relatively low percentage of the population has antibodies to Covid-19 which means most of the population is still susceptible to the virus.

Another compounding factor is the season change. Dr. Anthony Fauci who is a virus expert in the USA said that there can be another increase in the number of positive cases in autumn and winter. It is not only bad news for Americans but also it is a great threat to the whole world. In cold conditions, the virus reacts positively and tends to survive easily. Among all the bad news, the good news is that the number of deaths decreased in a few days. But this number can increase in the winter season. Nowadays the world is busy developing a covid-19 vaccine. But until then, people are advised to maintain all the rules and regulations that are being told to them. Otherwise, it is very difficult to survive.


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