Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina get ready for the annoying noise by Cicadas.

This Summer, it’s gonna be Cicadas. Eric Day from Virginia Techs Department of Entomology explained that in recent news. Cicadas have its own history from years. Though they look like any other insects, they are not. These insects are far different from other insects.

Cicadas Developing and its History:

Cicadas emerge from underground once in every 13 or 17 years according to entomologists. They live underground for years and come out in the times of summer that too periodically. Sometimes, Cicadas appeared early before 13 years, this may be because of the change in temperature. Cicadas prefer a warm temperature of about 64 degrees Fahrenheit which is why they come out in summer.

The male Cicadas will make a hell of a noise to attract their mates. And the female ones lay eggs everywhere on trees or ground. They die within weeks after they are out.

In 2003, billions of Cicadas appeared and in 2013, they just showed off in the Eastern US. After years, now in 2020, they again returning. This time, entomologists estimated 1.5 million Cicadas may emerge.
They named as ‘brood IX’ this year with similar features of the previous batch named ‘brood II’.

Do They Create Any Harm for People?

No. Not at all harmful. These are little insects which won’t deal with people but they depend on trees, crops. So, we can expect some effect, anyway, it was avoided as they won’t live long.

But they are harmful in one way because of their habit of making a sound. They create a noise of about 100 decibels. And people can’t bear as it is irritating.

So, get ready to face them soon people. They are on the way out.

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