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Captain Marvel 2 is among Marvel’s many upcoming sequels, but it needs to avoid the errors of previous follow-up payments from the MCU. The first Captain Marvel was bizarrely controversial when published in March 2019, largely because of a enthusiasts disliking star Brie Larson, however she and Marvel had the last laugh with all the movie grossing well over $1 billion at the box office, also garnering largely solid testimonials.

Captain Marvel 2 Needs a Better Villain, But Not Necessarily Larger

One of the most common criticisms aimed at MCU films is its perceived celebrity problem. Marvel Phase 3 fixed its villains for the most part, with a string of persuasive bad men like Hela, Killmonger, and, needless to say, Thanos. However, it’s also true that it’s a place that the studio has struggled with in the past, and while not contained only to them, it goes for many of its sequels. A part of this matter is hauled out of the urge to go larger, which is commonplace believing in sequels – the idea it to top the first one means doing something bigger in scale – and particularly true in the MCU post-The Avengers, which changed the goalposts from comparatively smaller films to needing the big, world-ending threats time and again.

Captain Marvel 2 Needs To Justify Its Existence

Marvel’s weakest sequels have had some kernels of good thoughts – much of Thor: The Dark World’s Asgard-centric narrative is great in theory, as is a world-ending villain made by Iron Man’s want to rescue it but too often they are hemmed-in by a sense of becoming too corporate. Marvel is, very clearly, a major machine designed to make as much cash as possible, but its best movies enable you to overlook that at the thrill of this moment and extend a worthwhile story and characters to invest in as an exchange.

Will Captain Marvel 2 Be A Much Better Sequel?

With accessibility to the Quantum Realm plus a jump through the years, it is not possible to forecast exactly how Captain Marvel two will turn out, however, there are reasons to be optimistic that it may prevent many of these MCU’s most egregious sequel problems. In part that is because Marvel itself appears to have a slightly better grip on these things now, with many of its weaker movies coming in Phases 1 and 2, though it isn’t beyond slip-ups. There’s also room for improvement on Captain Marvel, even though the first film was enjoyable, and a great deal of room to grow the character from there too now that the origins are from the way, and it also isn’t concerned with detailing various parts of the MCU’s past.

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