Cop dramas delve into the violent criminal world and show us the human side of the law enforcement that many of us tend to ignore. They continue to help us understand the people inside the uniforms and what they go through. The moral complexities and the balance of life and death is the basis for many cop dramas.

The Amazon Prime Video Original show follows the Los Angeles Homicide Detective, but it’s not all black and white. The detective stands trial for the murder of a serial killer as he tries to solve the murder of a 13-year-old boy. The show dives deep into the personal lives of cops and has paced it quite well contrary to most cop dramas.

What is Bosch About?

The first season was based on the books written by Michael Connelly. ‘City of Bones’, ‘Echo Park’, and ‘Concrete Blonde’ are the sources of inspiration for this cop drama.

The life of an LA cop is in turmoils as he must be dutiful as a detective and also prove his innocence. The relentless detective is bound to his job, solving case after case without ever slowing down. His past chases him too as he must solve cases that come up once again with new twists. The complexity of his cases leads him down a dark path as he uncovers malicious plots and gruesome murders.

Who is the Cast of Bosch Season 7?

Titus Welliver has been amazingly convincing as a detective and has helped us easily immerse ourselves in his world. Jamie Hector plays Jerry Edgar, a fellow detective, and Harry’s partner. Madison Lintz plays Maddie Bosch. Amy Aquino plays the role of Lt. General Billets, the firm but fair boss Bosch must answer.

DaJuan Johnson and Jacqueline Obradors are the younger detectives on the show and they play the role of Detectives Pierce and Vega.

When is Bosch Season 7 Releasing?

Amazon recently confirmed the renewal of the show but also with a bittersweet addition. This will be the last season for the show and we will see an end to the story of the LA Cop. In a Deadline report, the renewal of ‘Bosch’ had been confirmed before the sixth season release in 2020.

Bosch was Amazon’s first series in the drama genre. It is also one of the longest-running series from them as well. The show has had some clever screenplays and has excellently showcased the legend of the complex cop. The creators have had exceptional feedback with the sixth season and have worked hard to keep the show gritty but also a fun experience to watch.

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