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As we head into year 2 of Borderlands 3, a frequent question has been requested by players. How did we get through four (pretty sound ) DLCs without getting some brand new Vault Hunters, formerly a staple of the series?

Gearbox has decided to make new skill trees for Vault Hunters, one per class, here annually two, rather than introducing DLC Vault Hunters, something they said from the start, and have not changed their minds.

These skill trees are starting to be shown off, we’ve seen FL4K’s brand new Gravity Trap and Loader Bot pet so far, and each of the four trees will probably be out by the end of the year. They will be part of a paid package annually 2 for players to access them in Borderlands 3, and now that I must talk to Gearbox about the decision to purchase them. Here is BL3 creative manager Graeme Timmins on why ability trees on DLC Vault Hunters:

“At the beginning of Borderlands 3 we desired to add depth to the game, and we thought that the best way to do that was rather than adding another pair of characters, let’s add depth to the characters gamers are already playing.”

“It’s a pretty significant ask to obtain a personality to the endgame, so we focused on adding depth for players who have already seen the value of the skill tree instead of having to work through that .”

Timmins also commented on something I had speculated on previously, it made sense to develop DLC Vault Hunters this late when Borderlands 4 might be over the horizon. These characters could be developed for which game instead (although no, sadly, they didn’t affirm the occurrence of Borderlands 4).

“No component of this decision was like’could we reduce this investment to do things elsewhere’…Tommy (Westerman) and I am focusing on Borderlands 3, and that is our focus. Let’s make Borderlands 3 the best Borderlands 3 we could, daily, every shift, every hotfix, every piece of fresh content, let us continue to create Borderlands 3 the top Borderlands. At no time was I like’guy, I should save a number of this for something different.’ My goal is to make Borderlands 3 amazing.”

This is not to say that additional Gearbox team members couldn’t be working on anything. Still, Timmins’ occupation is entirely concentrated on Borderlands 3 post-release, and he is not holding anything back for future installations.

Fundamentally, the idea is that skill trees will act as a”reward” for players who have spent a great deal of time getting to the endgame, rather than forcing players to begin all over with a 40-hour journey to level a brand-new character. They affirmed that as soon as these trees launch, you can respec your skill points and move all of the ways through the new trees immediately with no extra function to unlock them.

Gearbox hinted at the arrival, not-yet-announced”new style” of this match, and explained that class items tied to the new skill trees could be rewards from that action, while anointments having to do with the new trees and abilities would start dropping everywhere. By some time in October, we ought to have a clear image of what all four skill trees contain for each class, and again, they reiterate these will be out until the end of the year, just in case your November/December was not going to be active enough. Although remember that you receive free upgrades of Borderlands 3 for PS5 and Xbox collection X if you own the current-gen version, and it will dramatically update performance on those consoles.

Good info to have on all of this, and I am looking forward to seeing these brand new skill trees capable.

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