Crime never takes a rest and criminals bring all the drama in your dull and uninteresting lives right now. Crime Dramas and Crime Docuseries have become the latest trends in the unending Netflix Watch lists. People have become hooked on watching Serial killers but many have different motives to go through the gory world of crime. Some admit to enjoying crime dramas to enjoy the view of the world often hidden from us and there also some who just wanna watch the world burn. Many of the recent Netflix Documentary series’ based on these crimes have shot to the top nudging the creative heads over at Hollywood Street to make even more of these shows.

Blindspot is an example of such a show but to its defense, it does have a unique twist of its own that is its selling point. Blindspot focuses on the story of a mysterious tatted lady who doesn’t recall her past. This tattooed lady was found naked inside a travel bag in Times Square by The Federal Bureau of Investigation. Her past is a mystery but so are her tattoos which shockingly lead the Bureau Agents to solve some of the most heinous crimes. They must solve these crimes and help her uncover her lost past.

The show is set to air its last season since May 7th, 2020, and will have around 11 episodes. The season duration is half of the rest of the seasons which consisted of 22 or 23 episodes. The show’s viewership has been in a steady decline with the first season attracting around 10 million viewers and the last season has had a total of almost 3 million viewers. The show has still received positive reviews and has kept the audiences engaged with its intriguing and mysterious storyline.

Blindspot Season 5 Episode 4 Details

The fourth episode of the fifth season of Blindspot will release on 4th June 2020. Fans have speculated that Reade is probably back from the dead. They also believe that Reade will coach or mentor Zapata. The episode is titled ‘And My Axe!’. Here is a link for the promo of the episode. The show will divulge more about a chemical gas bomb that will be weaponized soon and the agents must prevent the bomb from going off amidst different controversies that are happening. The team remembers important details from their first days at the FBI to prevent the bomb from exploding. Weller’s daughter’s health has begun to worry him after he gets some horrifying news.

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