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The Blacklist Season 8. Here is excellent news for every fan and viewer of the Blacklist that the NBC drama’Blacklist’ was officially renewed for the upcoming season.

Lisa Katz and Tracey Pakosta, Co-Presidents of Scripted Programming in NBC Entertainment, congratulated the producers, crew, along with the unbelievable cast of Blacklist, and said they could not be more enthusiastic to carry on with the narrative of Red and Liz’s in Season 8.

The Blacklist is among the most liked and loved criminal dramas. The first season of the Blacklist premiered in the season 2013 in September. The Blacklist cast comprises James Spader as Raymond Reddington, Who’s a wanted criminal, and Megan Boone as FBI profiler Liz Keen, Diego Klattenhoff, Amir Arison, Hisham Tawfiq, and Harry Lennix will also be from the central cast record of Blacklist.

Blacklist Season 8 Release date

At this early phase of where the season seven is still in the mid, the official release date of Blacklist season 8 hasn’t yet been announced. According to the sources, all the seasons of Blacklist have made their release either in September or in the month of October after apart the season six, since the season six was released in January in the US.

Blacklist Season 8 Cast

The same cast from the previous seasons will return along with Laura Sohn as Agent Alina Park, who featured in season seven replacement Samar who left in season 6. The other comprises James Spader as Raymond, aka Red, Megan Boone as Elizabeth, Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler, and Harry Lennox as Harold Cooper and others.

Blacklist Season 8 Storyline

The story follows the life of Raymond Reddington, who had been a former US Naval Intelligence officer. He disappeared for twenty-five decades and went on to become one of the most wanted criminals in the United States. Afterward, he returned and lent himself to an FBI Assistant Director who took him into the “black site.” The audience might think about this as something very uncanny. However, he’s hidden motives for this. Raymond agrees to help the FBI track down its most wanted terrorists and criminals whose mere existence is unknown. In addition to this, he puts forward two conditions: Immunity from prosecution and Elizabeth Keen because of his partner. The series proceeds by incorporating both of them shooting the most dangerous fugitives.

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