Worlds usually end when they are plagued with zombies and survival is tough if one is ever caught in these kinds of situations. Every zombie movie practically yells the importance of teammates. So if you’re ever caught up in a situation like this, go and find someone trustworthy. But make sure, that they haven’t been bitten or turned already. Survivors must do whatever it takes to protect themselves and find the ones that they love in this undead world.

John Hyams and Karl Schaefer take you on the journey for another world-ending apocalypse with zombies but its the beginning of the survival experience. The carnage is enough for fans of the genre and starts in the early days of the zombie apocalypse. With zombies the topic of gore can not be ignored so fair warning, there is a lot of gore in this undead adventure.

Who is the Cast of Black Summer?

Jamie King is the lead role as a mother who has been separated from her daughter and must survive to get back to her and protect her. Justin Chu Cary plays the role of Julius James who plays a role within the show. Julius James takes up the identity of Spears, a guard, but his true identity is that of a criminal. Christine Lee takes on the role of a North Korean woman, Ooh ‘Sun’ Kyunngsun, looking for her mother. Sal Velez Jr. plays William Velez a pole lineman who has family in Texas.

While many of the survivors are looking to get back to the ones they love there are characters such as Lance played by Kelsey Flower with no family alive. Barbara Watson is played by Gwynyth Wals and is unsure of her husband’s mortality. Mustafa Alabassi takes on the role of Ryan who is a deaf survivor. The one who helps Rose and Spears survive is the mysterious Earl played by Nyren B. Evelyn.

When is Black Summer Season 2 Releasing?

The first season is definitely not the top of the genre of the zombie apocalypse. It was released in April of 2019 and consists of 8 episodes. It gained moderate approval from both audiences and critics. But Netflix has promised to continue the storytelling of this show and confirmed its second season in November of 2019. Fans of the show are surprised that the show survived the Netflix cancelation ax and are excited to see what the show will have in store for them in the next season.

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