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After the release of the first season of such a blockbuster movie, fans are waiting for the release of the second season as well.

It is to inform you that the second season of the series has been officially confirmed. Yes, you have heard it right the blockbuster movie is going to back with its second season – that is the black panther 2. So you can be happy that the second part for it has been renewed.

When Is It Going To Release?

Well, this can make you sad. As you will have to wait longer to see part 2. So what
is the release date that has been fixed?

The release date is already fixed for 6th of May that too in the year 2022. On the one side of the country there is certainty regarding the release date but on the other side the wait is too long. So you will have to wait for what else you can do.

Well, Why There Is So Much Delay?

Well after the release of the first part, series has already bagged many awards. It also won Oscar award in 2019. So it clearly shows that it was the blockbuster movie. But when the first season was so many superb expectations of fans are high from the second season as well. This is the main reason behind the delay. As the production will be delayed because of this and secondly also because of the current pandemic that is going on in the world. So the release date is of 2022 only.

What About The Plot For Black Panther 2?

Well as we have said that it is expected to be released in the year 2022 and the production has not been achieved in that way. So we do not have many updates regarding the plot at this time. But it is expected to be continued from the ending of season 1 only with some more twist and turns.

If we talk about the stars, many of them from the previous part are expected to come back for the show.

So fill your bags with excitement as the series will be back for the part 2.

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