All of the newest content on TV is ending up in the already watched list as the pandemic has stopped all kinds of production and allowed many of us to binge-watch our way through the entire list. We must patiently rewatch older shows or risk waiting on cliffhangers that the new shows have laid as traps keeping us hooked. The world of Netflix is vast and it will take long before we eventually go through it all.

One of these fantastic shows that have many of us interested is the story of the darkest days of the economy of the world ‘Black Monday’. The glamourous coked-up world of the 80s was quite an enviable one. The party life of the wall street guys is one with many questionable ethics and people willing to cross just about any boundary to chase that thrill and adrenaline.

What is Black Monday About?

The darkest day for many working on Wall Street was a Monday. October 19th, 1987 was a day when the DOW Industrial Average dropped 22% and was one of the biggest stock market crashes ever.

The world of Wall Street trading is a fiercely competitive one and it is tough to exist in a business where everyone is an enemy. The show is about a group of newbies trying to take advantage of the Wall Street situation and beat the old guys on the table. Blair Pfaff’s world gets turned upside down when he unexpectedly makes an enemy out of the infamous Maurice Monroe or Mo as he is very popularly known. The innocent Blair looking to rise up in the world of trading has now been beaten down and broken. Blair eventually impresses the brutal Maurice Monroe when he challenges him and his workers with his new computer trading method to compete against their traditional methods.

When is Black Monday Season 3 Releasing?

Black Monday was in production before the lockdown was initiated and it was immediately shut down. The last episode of the second season came on April 12th of 2020 and the show was eventually postponed. The show was split into two parts by the network and the second part will be released sometime in June. The reported date is said to be June 28th and the second part will consist of 4 episodes. The midseason pushes the release of the third season which will definitely be delayed due to the pandemic. The third season will probably start production in 2021.

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