For the people who are not familiar with what Black Mirror is, this is a science fiction and black comedy series known as Black Mirror. This series has received a lot of love and appreciation from its audience. Black Mirror was first premiered on a television channel named Channel 4 from 2011 to 2014.

The creator of this series is Charlie Brooker. In Black Mirror every season has a new storyline, no episode or season is a continuation. Black Mirror is written by Charlie Brooker (who is also the creator of this series), Konnie Huq, Jesse Armstrong, Rashida Jones, Michael Schur and William Bridges.

Annable Jones and Charlie Brooker (Charlie Brooker basically created, produced and wrote Black Mirror) have produced Black Mirror. Black Mirror is available on Netflix since, 2016.

When is Black Mirror season 6 Releasing?

All the fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of season 6. Well, there is bad news for the fans, Black Mirror season 6 won’t release anytime soon. Having the pandemic in mind, it’s going to be impossible to see season 6 anytime in 2020 or 2021.

There is no confirmation on season 6 as of now. There are totally 5 seasons as of now. Season 1 was released on 4th December 2011 with 3 episodes. Season 1 got over on 18th December 2011. Season 2 was released on 11th February 2013 with again 3 episodes. Season 2 got over on 25th February 2013. Both the seasons, 1 and 2, were aired on Channel 4.

Season 3 was released on 21st October 2016 with 6 episodes. Season 4 was released on 29th December 2017, with 6 episodes and Season 5 was released on 5th June 2019 with 3 episodes. Season 3,4 and 5 were aired on Netflix since 2016.

When Is the Trailer out for Black Mirror Season 6?

As there is no confirmation on the release date of season 6, there is obviously no trailer out. Once there is confirmation on season 6 we can expect the trailer but as of now, there’s nothing.

Who Is Going to Cast in Black Mirror Season 6?

As I have mentioned before, the storyline for every episode and season is different, there is no continuation of any episodes or seasons so therefore the cast keeps changing always. Every season has a new cast.

For season 6 as for now, there is no confirmation, therefore we don’t know who will be seen in season 6. But one thing is for sure, that the old cast which came in the previous seasons won’t be seen if we have season 6.

What Is the Plot for Season 6?

Every season has a new plot. Season 6 won’t be a continuation of the previous season 5. So hence if there is a season 6 then there will be a new storyline as of now nothing is confirmed.


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